Our story

RTL-TVi, Club RTL and Plug RTL are broadcast on the basis of Luxembourg franchises issued in 1995 for RTL-TVi and Club RTL and in 2005 for Plug RTL.

In 2009,  the Government of the French Community of Belgium and that of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg signed a Memorandum of agreement recognizing the competence of the Government of Luxembourg to regulate the said channels.

Furthermore, the Memorandum of agreement makes RTL responsible for honoring various obligations especially with respect to the protection of minors and support for independent audiovisual production in the French Community of Belgium.

The regulator for RTL Belux is the ALIAthe Independent Audiovisual Authority of Luxembourg.

The Authority has the power to monitor and sanction all matters related to programs and advertising practices.

Complaints can be lodged via the form available at the address: http://www.alia.lu/fr/plaintes.